PD Dr. med. Jochen Kindler

Research Associate / Project Management IGD & FETZ

031 932 86 17
HA1 20
Postal Address
Bolligenstrasse 111, CH-3000 Bern 60

About me

I am Head Physician at the Outpatient Department of the University Hospital of Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Bern. Further, I am Scientific and Clinical Co-Head of the Early Detection and Intervention Centre (FETZ), Bern and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bern. My research focuses on the pathophysiological mechanisms of psychosis from risk stages to full blown schizophrenia. We combine methods such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation and biomarkers to refine the early detection of psychosis with the ultimate goal to improve prophylactic and therapeutic interventions.

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