Time: Wednesday 14.00 - 15.00
Location: UPD Bern, Bolligenstrasse 111, conference room lab building

Scientific Conference, 14.00-15.00 p.m.
Datum Bereich

Winter Break / Winterferien
08.01.2020 "Daily variation of motor activity, physiology and psychopathology in schizophrenia spectrum disorders" A. Cantisani
15.01.2020 "MRI Koordinationssitzung: Planung der Messzeiten für 2020 für alle UPD MRI Projekte" A. Federspiel
22.01.2020 "Modelling hidden data structures in Aging an Dementia" (PhD Projekt) P. Wyss (Group Prof. Klöppel)
29.01.2020 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
05.02.2020  "Analysis of MRI data in (neuro-)radiology" A. Abdulkadir (Group Prof. Klöppel APP)
12.02.2020 "Subclinical Paranoid Beliefs and Enhances Neural Response during Processing of unattractive Faces" S. Furger (Strik/Dierks; Group SyNoPsis)
19.02.2020 "Training Visuo-Spatial Memory Using Real-Time fMRI Neurofeedback in Alzheimer’s Disease" Ch. Hohenfeld (J. Peter; Group Prof. Klöppel APP)
26.02.2020 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
04.03.2020 "The role of BNST and Amygdala in anxiety and fear processing: a 7T fMRI Study" M. Grieder / A. Federspiel (Group W. Strik PP)
11.03.2020 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
18.03.2020 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz
25.03.2020 No Scientific Conference because of the Situation with COVID-19 / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz wegen der Situation mit COVID-19  
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19.08.2020 Kick-off meeting: "Relaunch of our joint scientific conference". Achtung: derzeit im Hörsaal Wölfli  Thomas König
26.08.2020 Project-Presentation: "SMART: Suicidality Monitoring in At-Risk-Teens" Franziska Rockstroh (Group Prof. Kaess, KJP)
02.09.2020 We will review a paper to be found here: \\nas-upd.unibe.ch\upd\Projects\Review Club (please read before and keep it confidential) Thomas König (Group TRC) 
09.09.2020 No Scientific Conference / keine Wissenschaftskonferenz
16.09.2020 Test-presentation for PhD defense: "Factors underlying the (heterogeneous) benefits from transcranial direct current stimulation in age-related cognitive decline" Annegret Habich (Group TRC)
23.09.2020 Project-Presentation: "Sense of Reality and Bizarreness in a VR environment" Simone Denzer (Group TRC, Th. König) 
30.09.2020 Technicalities: "New MRI handling pipeline in accordance with ethics regulations" Yosuke Morishima (Group TRC, Th. König) 
07.10.2020 Project-Presentations:

"Circadian variation in endogenous stress response systems associated with fluctuations in psychiatric symptoms, stress and well-being - The CircaFeel Project"

"Neurobiological Mechanisms of Pain Dependent Stress-Regulation in Adolescent Non-Suicidal Self-Injury" 


Selinar Schär (Group Prof. Kaess, KJP)

Nicole Hedinger (Group Prof. Kaess, KJP)

14.10.2020 "Methods teaching & study presentation: Using mixed-effects models to implement rater specific distributions for classification" Patric Wyss (Group Prof. Klöppel, APP) 
21.10.2020 Project-Presentations:

"AT_HOME-Effectiveness study on home Treatment for Children and adolescents with acute psychiatric disorders"

"Stress-response, metabolic, and inflammatory systems in children living in Military and first responder Family"

Daniel Graf (Group I. Mürner-Lavanchy, KJP)

Christine Sigrist (Group I. Mürner-Lavanchy, KJP)

28.10.2020 Project-Presentation: Borderline personality disorder and interpersonal space"


Daniel Gschwend (Group K. Stegmayer, PP)
04.11.2020 Project-Presentation: Pre-reflective and reflective sense of self" = muss verschoben werden. Ausfall WiKo heute Bettina Gerber (Group TRC, Th. König)
11.11.2020 Input referat: "Primer on philosophy of science" Thomas König (Group TRC)
18.11.2020 Project-Presentation: "Mindfulness and Problematic Use of Alcohol" Zeno Kupper mit F. Moggi (Group TRC)
25.11.2020 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
16.12.2020 Input referat: "Primer on philosophy of science"