Successful Workshop on “Closing Loops in Cognitive Neuroscience”

Upon the invitation of two young researchers, international and local experts discussed recent advancements in neuroadaptive approaches during a 2-day workshop (21 – 22 January 2019).

The brain is a highly dynamic system, with phasic and tonic states crucially influencing the way the brain receives and responds to the external world. Therefore, the importance to interact with the brain in a state-accommodating manner has become increasingly appreciated in various lines of research and promises more potent clinical interventions by virtue of being more informed, targeted and systematic.

With financial support provided by the Fund for the Promotion of Young Researchers, two young scientists from the Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste (UPD) – Dr Kristoffer Fehér and Annegret Habich – brought together both international and local experts as well as participants from all over Switzerland for a two-day workshop (21 – 22 January 2019) on this topic. The aim of the workshop was to highlight the importance of state-accommodating interactions and to provide a platform for integrating knowledge in these fields of research on a national as well as international level. Topics included brain state-dependent brain stimulation, brain-computer interfaces, neurofeedback training and neuroadaptive optimization approaches.


Thank you for the compelling insights and lively discussions during the workshop!