For the past three decades the workgroup has been developing several cognitive-behavioral group therapy approaches for patients suffering from schizophrenia or personality disorders.
The Integrated Psychological Therapy (IPT) for schizophrenia patients marked the outset for further research projects concerning schizophrenia. In a next step, the Emotional Management Training (TBE), the Psychoeducation and Coping approach (PKB) and the Cognitive Social skills Training for Residential, Vocational and Recreational functioning (WAF) were conceived. The Integrated Neurocognitive Therapy (INT) for neuro- and social cognition was the last development of our group.
During the past years we additionally investigated therapy processes with patients suffering from personality disorders and developed and evaluated the Schema focused Emotive-Behavioural Therapy (SET).
Of particular interest is the (re-)integration of the clients in the community based on improvements in proximal and distal outcome.