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Group Roder


Currently we offer therapy in group or individual settings in the mentioned approaches (cf. figure) at the University Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Bern. Additionally, we support in our institution colleagues with assesments and psychotherapies with clients suffering from schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

Our cognitive-behavioural therapy approaches are applied inside and outside of Switzerland in different client settings over many years. Most of our approaches are translated and published in other languages. Because of the clinical experience and also in line with current research results we continuously facilitate a further development of these approaches. Against this background we offer trainings in various languages for profesionals.

Short or longer lasting trainings (e.g. workshops) are available for:

  • Therapy manuals published in German
    • IPT (Roder, Brenner & Müller 2019, 7th. totally revised edition, Beltz)
    • WAF/PKB (Roder, Zorn, Pfammatter, Andres, Brenner & Müller 2008, 2th. revised edition, Huber)
    • SET (Zorn & Roder 2011, Beltz)
    • INT (Roder & Müller 2013, Springer)
  • Therapy manuals published in other languages
    • IPT (published in 12 languages)
    • WAF (published in Italian, Potuguese, Spanish)
    • PKB (published in Spanish)
    • INT (published in English, Italian; French and Spanish in preparation)

We offer our expertise to other professionals inside and outside Switzerland. The supervision guarantees the application and adaptation of our approaches in different cultures with a high quality.