Group T. Koenig

Overview of interests

Our research group is interested in the identification of brain functional networks that are relevant for the meaningful interaction of an individual with its outer material and social environment, and both in a perceptual, and an agential direction. This implies on one side the systematic empirical study of how the brain integrates perceptual, proprioceptive and motivational information to form a worldly situated and active perception of a "self". The focus of past research has been on feelings of agency, and the lack thereof in patients with schizophrenia, in particular for the case of auditory verbal hallucinations. Future research will also focus on the approriate and erroneous monitoring of reality in healthy subjects (e.g. during sleep or in a virtual reality environment) and in psychotic patients.

On the other side, this research programrequires the continued development of models of brain functional states that allow us to quantify measurements of brain activity in an informative way. Our research is primarily interested in EEG data, but includes also studies on multimodal imaging, such as combined EEG and fMRI analyses. We have developed a series of methods and open-source toolboxes for these purposes.

Finally, our research group offers teaching and methodological support for all EEG related research problems in our hospital.