About me

Sabrina has been doing her PhD since August 2016, working in a large ongoing cohort epigenetic imaging-study, investigating depressed and healthy individuals. Its main objective is to identify novel risk factors for depression and a better understanding of its pathogenesis for the improvement of preventative approaches and treatments for depression and other stress-related psychopathologies. At the neurobiological level, we are interested in the pathway from BDNF genetic and epigenetic factors in association with serum BDNF levels and brain volumes. Data collection for the PhD is ongoing and will presumably continue until August 2018.

Pharmacotherapy  for obsessive compulsive disorder in clinical practice – Data of 842  inpatients from the International AMSP Project between 1994 and 2012

Poppe C, Müller ST, Greil W, Walder A, Grohmann R, Stübner S.


Second-generation antipsychotics in a tertiary care hospital: prescribing patterns, metabolic profiles, and drug interactions

Niedrig DF, Gött C, Fischer A, Müller ST, Greil W, Bucklar G, Russmann S.


Psychopharmacological  treatment of 2,195 in-patients with borderline personality disorder: A  comparison with other psychiatric disorders

Bridler R, Häberle A, Müller ST, Cattapan K, Grohmann R, Toto S, Kasper S, Greil W.


Zwangsstörungen: Optionen der medikamentösen Therapie

Sabrina T. Müller, Prof. Dr. med. Waldemar Greil, Dr. med. Christine Poppe