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I am a PhD-student at the University Hospital of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. The research topic I focus on is resting-state autonomic function in the development of personality disorders. My research interest lies in acquiring an understanding of neurobiological correlates in the context of illness progression. As part of our research group I investigate psychological and neurobiological mechanisms that promote maintenance of non-suicidal self-harm (NSSI) behavior in adolescents. Within an experimental study we explore the multi-systemic interplay of neurobiological systems in NSSI with the long-term goal of identifying new treatment targets.

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Journal Article

Hedinger, Nicole; Cosentino, Maya; Mürner-Lavanchy, Ines M.; Sigrist, Christine; Schär, Selina; Kaess, Michael; Koenig, Julian (2023). Associations between different measures of personality pathology and resting-state autonomic function among adolescents. Personality disorders: theory, research, and treatment, 14(6), pp. 625-635. American Psychological Association 10.1037/per0000630

Conference or Workshop Item

Hedinger, Nicole; Cosentino, M; Mürner-Lavanchy, Ines Mirjam; Sigrist, Christine; Schär, Selina; Kaess, Michael; Koenig, Julian (18 May 2022). Konzeptuelle Revision des Klassifikationssystems von Persönlichkeitsstörungen: eine Untersuchung zum Zusammenhang mit Herzrate und Herzratenvariabilität im Jugendalter (Unpublished). In: DGKJP 2022. Magdeburg, Deutschland. 18.05.-21.05.2022.

Hedinger, Nicole; Koenig, Julian; Kaess, Michael (28 August 2020). Neurobiologische Mechanismen der schmerzbedingten Stressregulation bei nicht-suizidalem, selbstverletzendem Verhalten - Studiendesign (Unpublished). In: PSY Jahres-e-Kongress 2020. Zürich. 28.08.2020.

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