INTRA investigates the effects of a computerized inhibition training in currently abstinent patients with alcohol use disorder. It examines effects on subjective, behavioral, experimental and neurophysiological level.

More about INTRA: INTRA on SNF database; INTRA on Research Gate

EMOPRO traces the neurophysiological correlates of emotional processing before and after a psychotherapeutic intervention targeting the processing of interpersonal pain.

More about EMOPRO: EMOPRO on Researchgate


NECAAD investigates neurophysiological correlates of inhibition and cue reactivity with multi-channel EEG and fMRI in patients with alcohol addiction. 

The concept of motivational incongruence, as incorporated in Grawes consistency theory, refers to the fact that the experiences we make do not always match our needs and motives. The amount of motivational inconsistency is highly linked to psychological wellbeing and psychopathological symptoms. MINK traces the neurophysiological correlates of this important transdiagnostical concept with multi-channel EEG.