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Time: Wednesday 4.30 p.m. - 5.15 p.m.
Location: UPD Bern, Bolligenstrasse 111, Auditorium Wölfli

Scientific Conference Schedule
Date Title
Speaker (Group)


The brain-heart-gut connection: Unraveling the frontal-vagal pathway in major depressive disorder using neurcardiac-guided non-invasive brain stimulation

J. Jacobs (K. Brem)


21.02.24 2nd year exam: Eric Lenouvel
Title: Fear of Falling; A cognitive perspective

E. Lenouvel (S. Klöppel)
28.02.24 2nd year exam: Nadja Zimmermann N. Zimmermann (Y. Morishima)
06.03.24 The Impact of Social Media Addiction on Mental Health in Adolescents and Emerging Adults M. Lachner (L. Tarokh)


Polysomnographic sleep alterations in psychiatric and neurological disorders

Im Konferenzraum Laborgebäude! Wölfli ist reserviert von Sandra Carabetta!

S. Crameri (L. Tarokh)
27.03.24 2nd year exam: Adriana Frei

A. Frei (M. Müller)
03.04.24 Brain connectivity between networks implied in inhibition and cue-reactivity in alcohol use disorder – the NIQA study kick-off M. Grieder

Masterthesis: S. Knöpfel

S. Knöpfel (D. Hubl, T. König)
17.04.24 HPA Axis Dysfunctionality and Paranoia in Schizophrenia S. Büchler (K. Stegmayer, Z. Kupper)
24.04.24 Investigating early signs and developmental course of Personality Disorders in Young people: the EARLY study kick-off M. Thomson (M. Cavelti)
01.05.24 2nd year exam: M.C. Piani
Title: Neural correlates of pre-reflective self-experience – A study of physiology and self-disorders
M. C. Piani

Computational assessment of language disturbance in psychosis (Masterthesis)

R.M. Denz (Y. Morishima)

Investigating negative symptoms in schizophrenia, a clinical study

M. Köstner (K. Stegmayer)
22.05.24 Classification of self-harm: Distinguishing adolescent patients with non-suicidal self-injury and suicidal behavior from patients with non-suicidal self-injury alone based on a neurobiological phenotype

 E. Fink (C. Reichl)



29.05.24 The emergence of self-harm from childhood to adolescence: ESCAPE study kick-off
Linda K. Dietrich (A. Steinhoff)
05.06.24 Master thesis N. N. (K. Stegmayer)
19.06.24 The longitudinal course of personality functioning impairments in adolescent outpatients. L. Palermo (M.L. Cavelti)