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Time: Wednesday 16:30 - 17:15
Location: UPD Bern, Bolligenstrasse 111, Auditorium Wölfli

Scientific Conference, 16.30 - 17.15 p.m.
Date Title
Speaker (Group)
12.01.2022 No scientific conference
19.01.2022 “What types of presentations do we want for future scientific conferences?”

Zoom Meeting, Link:

J. Peter, Th. König
26.01.2022 An overview of ongoing studies at the KJP

Zoom Meeting, Link:

Michael Kaess
02.02.2022 No scientific conference
09.02.2022 The influence of reward or punishment on prospective memory in older adults / Effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on prospective memory and attentional control in older adults

Marta Menendez/ Nadine Schmidt  (J. Peter) 
16.02.2022 An overview of ongoing studies at the KJP Jochen Kindler
23.02.2022 No scientific conference
02.03.2022 Pre-reflective and reflective self- and other-experience: Topographic mapping of EEG and evoked potentials in healthy subjects
Hörsaal Wölfli, NK
Maria Piani (Martin Jandl, Thomas König)
09.03.2022 No scientific conference
16.03.2022 No scientific conference (brainweek)

23.03.2022 Using virtual reality to assess gesture deficits in schizophrenia A. Pavlidou (S. Walther)
30.03.2022 No scientific conference
06.04.2022 No scientific conference


SPICY - Smartphone Use and Irritability in Children and Youth (study kick-off)

Sabine Nafzger (I. Mürner)
20.04.2022 Do's and dont's for presenting research T. Dierks
27.04.2022 Targeting hippocampal hyperactivity with real-time fMRI neurofeedback - an update K. Klink (J. Peter)
04.05.2022 Independent Supported Housing for non-homeless people with Serious Mental Illness (second year exam) C. Adamus (D. Richter)

No scientific conference


Right inferior frontal activation during alcohol-specific inhibition increases with craving and predicts drinking outcome in alcohol use disorder, but is not modulated through alcohol-specific inhibition training (done – you have a statement to make)

Matthias Grieder, Maria Stein
25.05.2022 Brain network dynamics associated with Dream-like Experiences at the Transition to Sleep (2nd year exam) S. Diezig (T. König)
01.06.2022 No scientific conference
08.06.2022 Improving slow wave sleep by auditory stimulation to enhance memory consolidation and new learning in older individuals with risk for dementia (study kick-off) C. Zeller (M. Züst)
15.06.2022 Investigating the neural correlates involved in the movement kinetics of facial expression recognition in schizophrenia patients (study kick-off) A. Pavlidou (S. Walther)
22.06.2022 No scientific conference

No scientific conference

06.07.2022 No scientific conference
13.07.2022 No scientific conference

SMART Voices (study kick-off)

Janko (M. Cavelti)
07.09.2022 Machine Learning Based Prediction of Mental Health Using Wearable-measured Time Series

Seyedeh Sharareh Mirzargar (L. Tarokh)

12.10.22 A high-density electroencephalographic investigation of sleep brain oscillations: a unique window to explore neuropsychiatric disorders A. Castelnovo (T. Dierks)
19.10.22 Selective deep sleep suppression through auditory closed-loop stimulation as a treatment for major depressive disorder (Done!) C. Feher (C. Nissen)

Coping strategies, locus of control and competence beliefs: their complex interactions with psychopathology and the role of Clinical High Risk (CHR) for psychosis (preparation)

G. Rinaldi (C. Michel)
09.11.22 No scientific conference

16.11.22 Sleep in Adolescent Depression: Neurophysiology, Behavior and Intervention C. Fontanellaz (L. Tarokh)
23.11.22 TBA

No scientific conference due to GHS symposium