Group Kaess

With the recent appointment of Prof. Dr. Michael Kaess as new clinical director and head of research, the research department of the University Hospital of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is realigning its research priorities.
Previous research focussed on early detection and intervention in children and adolescents at risk for psychosis, studies on the impact of sleep on brain development and well-being as well as the evaluation of novel psychotherapy approaches based on transdiagnostic mechanisms of change.
Spanning the spectrum from basic research to randomized controlled trials, the department will maintain its translational character, thereby directly informing clinical services, such as the Early Detection and Intervention Centre for mental crisis (FETZ Bern). Strategic developments in the near future include the establishment of a competence centre (research and clinical care) for adolescents with risk-taking and self-injurious behaviour in the context of personality disorders and methodological extensions in neuroendocrine and psychophysiological research.